Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road Trip to...Kent, Fort Davis, Alpine, McCamey, and Rankin

This past Saturday, ManDee and I took a road trip to Kent looking for fossils. We had heard that they were plentiful there. They weren't as plentiful and easy to find as we had hoped, but the ones we did find were somewhat different from things we found around Iraan and Rankin. After we picked through a enough micrite and limestone for the fossils we decided to go look for some volcanic outcrops that were on HWY 118 according to my new beloved book "Roadside Geology of Texas"... Thanks again Caleb and Brittany. Driving down HWY 118 we found Rhyolite (red rock from a viscous lava flow) and Tuff (a greenish gray rock from hot ash welding together as it hit the ground).
We saw some beautiful Scenery, a family of Peccaries and Sul Ross University, the University I may be attending via distance learning at Midland College. We also were recommended a great Mexican restaurant called " La Casita", where the portions were generous for the price.
All in all We were drove about 450 miles in a huge loop and had a great time. I'm so grateful to have a wife that will go out and have adventures and make memories with me!! Thanks ManDee!!